This Christmas: Weekend Wears


We are on Blogmas Day Four! Thats right! I feel it is time to get a tad bit creative.

I love the idea of ugly Christmas sweaters, but I always wanted to play with the concept. Hear me out. Why do they have to be ugly christmas sweaters? When I am not working at the hospital, I look forward to the weekends. No scrubs, just me and a cozy sweater.

However I thought why not take this a bit further. I created two statement looks with the sweater concept in mind but with my own little spin on things.


Pink and Pearls.


My sister found this adorable pink sweater drowned in pearls. How cute?! I paired this with my new loafers that I had bought off of a whim from a small boutique on Main Street; they are incredibly comfy. I also opted to throw in some statement sunnies from my summertime adventures.

Lunch Attire.


I opted for a low heel for the saturday lunch date with the family. I wanted something more sophisticated but comfy. I also reached for some jewelry which is quite rare for me since lately I haven’t really accessorized. Maybe it’s the fact I am still in college and simply dragging myself to class is enough. However when I do accessorize, boy do I! I went for a statement watch since the earrings were more of an elegant fit. Whereas wearing a white faced watch was a tad bit casual, especially with the dark blue jeans I wore.

Dinner. Just Dinner.


For my third outfit I wanted more of a statement. Even though it is almost Christmas I wanted to wear my leather jacket one more time till it was packed away for the season. I still wanted to incorporate a mini statement item, with my green cami top. So I went with the necklace I had for years. Since this is the season for giving, I gave this necklace one more chance.

I hope these outfits could inspire you for your weekend adventures coming up. What are your statement items for this season or even past seasons? I would love to know either by twitter @dottiedottm or by instagram @dottiedottm.

See you tomorrow for Blogmas Day Five.

Bye guys.

Shantoy XO

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