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Seasons Greetings Everyone!

Welcome back! I hope your Thanksgiving was full of thanks and laughter. Today is a very special day! It’s almost Cyber Monday. So DEALS on DEALS on DEALS are right around the corner.

Mikasa Beauty and I had teamed up on a few surprises for you this holiday season. To really get those creative minds going, they have sent me a few staple items that I used to create my first relaunch video for a Fall Inspired look.

I am beyond excited to show you what my little package had. First up is the New Techni 01 Oval Brush.


I am a big fan of this brush, not just for the flawless applications that the brush creates but the sheer softness of the brush is what stole my heart. It was clean and precise while making blending a true victory.

Second we have an eye pencil that has created a whole new woman out of me. It’s the Bodyography Eye Pencil in Virgin. 

At first I was a bit skeptical because I love white for clothes, but for makeup I am a tad hesitant. Well that was thrown out of the window once I tried this pencil.  It is soft upon application and long lasting! A very big plus for anyone creating a sultry eye look for commanding attention.

Time for the big guns!

Every Christmas season I shop around for a new red lipstick. This year the honor goes to Bodyography Lip Stick in the Color Red China. Now this lipstick is not Matte, but that is the only downside. This lipstick on is absolutely stunning. It commands attention while staying classy. Even the package was flawless!

It reminded me greatly on what a true red should look like.

Next on the list falls to my Pigment eyeshadows. I have always leaned on my neutral shadows to carry me through the day but once I had my brush to these, bland me was no more.

Of the two that were shipped to me the Naartjie by far was one of the most perfect fall colors I have seen. With darker skin finding the right pigment eyeshadows are pretty difficult, especially a statement orange. It captures what a true deep orange would look like. I plan on using this color with browns and shimmers with a white winged eyeliner for an upcoming holiday party!


The Bodyography Pure Pigment Eyeshadow in District; I used right away, hence why only one picture had made it to the site. However, I used this shadow in the Fall Inspired look on my channel this week in celebration of the holidays.  Here is a sneak peek….

disclosure* I chose different lighting so you can see how amazing the shadow is in any type of lighting.


With the launch of my new channel, Mikasa Beauty has created a distinct code that is only available to you! At checkout use the code DOTDOTTM25 you will receive 25% off! Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube as well; there will be a few giveaways coming for the holidays. Tune in Thursday for the release of my Fall Inspired look with a Giveaway at the end.

In all thank you for visiting with me today, I hope Cyber Monday is a success for you and yours. What is your favorite treat for yourself around the holidays? Be sure to comment and subscribe!

Happy Holidays

Shantoy XO

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