My Skincare Journey

For years my skin and I have had a love, hate relationship. During the years of exploring my curiosity of makeup, my skin has taken some hard hits.

With the constant use of makeup my skin had been screaming for help. I was using all the wrong products. Facial scrubs that were harsh on my skin, cleaners that would create a numbness to my face after cleansing.

Now that I’m older, I know better. I did not want to rely so heavily on my makeup. As I push on through life I find myself reaching for makeup less and less. Don’t get me wrong, makeup is still a big part of my life, just at certain times.

So this is me starting my skincare journey.

I took too the internet in search of natural products, but I kept falling into old habits. I kept looking for everything that was bad for me. Either it was bad for me or way too over priced. Then I remembered ETSY; what better place to start than there. Everything is handmade.

Here’s what I bought,

I went for the Vitamin C Facial Toner. I have been using Witch Hazel for some time but I never noticed any results. This toner is brimming with organic fruit and berry extracts all in a soothing base of organic aloe Vera water.


Isn’t it cute! It’s the Lemon & Ginger Cleansing Bar, with turmeric. Made with cleansing plant derived oils, the pure glycerin soap, gently cleanses impurities and dirty oils from the skin’s surface avoiding over drying. The turmeric and ginger root extracts are to help clear congested skin. It lathers so nicely and applying it the lemon and ginger has a calming effect.

Face Masks

The Pumpkin Glycolic Mask, I must say is heavenly. First, it’s the true pumpkin smell that surprises you once you open the jar. Then it’s the texture. Think back to Halloween and you sticking your hand into a pumpkin; that feeling.

This is amazing for treating a dull complexion, aging skin and pigmentation.

Lash but not least.

Now this was a must grab. I head stories of girls using it to grow back hair, on the scalp, eyebrows, and lashes.

I’ve been using all of the products for four days now. I have been getting quite a few compliments on my skin.

I haven’t worn makeup in a few days to really see what my skin can do. So far it has boosted my confidence and the overall health of my skin. I’ll be doing another review in a few weeks to give a few updates till then

Heres to recovery!

What’s your go to skincare product this season?

Shantoy XO

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