A Winter Escape: Blogmas Day 10

It wouldn’t be the Christmas season if I did not plan at least one getaway. I wanted to be close to home, yet far enough away to fully embrace an escape from the city.

For me, I chose a small cabin in Vermont.

Why a Cabin? Well one being that they are STUNNING! Especially in instagram pictures. What better way to bring in the Winter months, than getting cozy around a fire, with that special someone. 

We started our trip with some well needed breakfast! We had stopped at this cute mom and pop diner. They did not allow us to take pictures, however, so I had to be quite cautious. 

Next we were back on the road for the last hour of our journey.  Over the next two days,  Blogmas is dedicated to this weekend. I wanted to highlight the true beauty of a getaway destination. 

Another reason why this is so important and yet so special. Alone time! As a busy college student, going through the everyday life with a roller coaster of emotions. Getting away is therapeutic, refreshing and down right beautiful. 

Back during Fall 

So with that I ask; Have you taken time for yourself recently? If so where did you end up? Let me know if you love these types of Blog posts by liking and subscribing to my blog!

See you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 11! We make it from the restaurant to the Cabin!