First Time New Yorker

So this Christmas is a bit more special than the last. I have my extended family visiting this year, my sister moved to New York. Whereas I am debating a huge move.

Big changes.

My cousin resides in Turks and Caicos but she along with my aunt from the Bahamas {you will meet later}. Have never been to New York. EVER.

So I bought our tickets.

We hopped the trains.

For my cousin, I wanted her to live in the moment while I documented everything.

We ate till we couldn’t move.

Then we visited Time Square.

Lets just say she had a blast. While I’m currently on our way back to New York for round two, while writing this post.

Is time square on your list to ring in the New Year? You might catch me at the Rockefeller center.

If you tag me @dottie.m

Same time tomorrow?