The Big Chop

Hi Hi!!! Dot Fam!! Welcome, Welcome. I hope you have been well. If you are new here also Welcome!!

Since being here last; You may have noticed the small changes that have popped up here and there around the site. I have been craving some change in my life; well in ALL aspects of my life. Believe me, it has been REFRESHING.

In fewer words; I felt like an outsider looking in. I tend to leave the majority of my life off of social media; due to fears of assumptions that my everyday persona is just that boring.

Snapchat, Instagram, Tick Tok, all of social media is about looks and what you have to offer. I find myself not posting as much, due to lack of makeup, or reposting in the same top I had on last week. Normal first world problems.

What if I took away the makeup, the clothes, and the over hyped activities. What is left? A woman that felt empty without her tools of “beauty”. I needed to fall in love with myself again. Truly embrace my inner light so trolls on Twitter NEVER have the upper hand. AGAIN.

For months I pondered and explored what my Achilles heel was. I then realized it has always resided with my hair.

Ever since I was younger, long beautiful hair was the thorn in my side. From the neighbors daughters long silky black hair, to the long wigs that I saw most older woman trying on in the hair supply store. No matter where I went, long hair followed. Straight hair was manageable, curly hair was not even an option.

My mom loved perms. For those who do not know. Perms for 4C Curly hair, will straighten them so fine that it will make thin pasta look thicc. The torture of sitting for 30 mins while some chemical I can’t even pronounce, eats away at my curly locks; was apart of my weekend routine for years. But enough was enough.

Fast forward about 16 years and here we are. Sitting on my couch telling you about how I took the biggest leap of my life. I did the Big Chop: I cut off my hair. So here’s how I did it.

Now to be fair, this was a very LONG thought out decision. Was it spontaneous? Yes, sorta. Did my mother try to talk me out of it? Yes! Did I do it anyway? Yes!

……..One week before the Big Chop

I had made an appointment with The Curly Hair Salon By Luvena Leslie; located in New Haven. They are a branch of the popular curly hair products, Deva Curl. The website was so easy to navigate. I felt as though embracing my natural side would be best through an extension of Deva Curl.

Four days before my appointment…..

I had taken the time to really explore the “Big Chop” mentality. What better way than to do that over dinner and a movie. To be specific, I watched Nappily Ever After.

Now this movie pulled on my heart strings so much; every emotion that was presented; I was feeling within. I was a sobbing mess during the middle of the movie; so I rewinded it and relived that moment of embracement that Violet had experienced. (no spoilers over here).

Why? You ask.

Simple. I needed to know if I personally was making the right decision and it being my OWN decision. In short the movie is described as
” A soulful barber helps a woman piece her life back together after an accident at her hair salon, makes her realize she is not living life to the fullest..” Simple and Sweet.

Violets’ journey, is not only inspiring but also a big realization. Long hair is beautiful and short hair is “slightly attractive” based on societies norms that were presented in the movie. I have my own reservations towards that topic.

However, It did not deter me from making MY decision.

…..Two days after the big chop!!

I woke up Friday morning, doing the normal activities. Making my bed, showering and making my breakfast. I sat down to do my final step my hair.

Reaching for the wig; I stopped and looked at myself in my small Impression’s Vanity Tabletop Mirror. There was no need for the wig; yes I enjoy changing up my looks now and again.

But I chopped my HAIR; for a reason. So I decided to rock my natural hair to work. In its most natural form. Minimal products and water.

I have received nothing but positive remarks. It also helps I take really good care of my skin. But that’s for another post!!

….2 weeks in

I had decided to give my family barber a call. Sam Flint; Owner of West Main Barbershop in, Vernon CT. We have been going to Sammy for a few years now. I always leave with a fresh cut, new outlook and overall a few laughs under my belt. Theres never any judgments when I sit in his chair. So I decided to show him my new do and see how he would elevate it.

Let me tell you He did NOT disappoint.

What you are seeing, is the new Dottie. Sam had captured my vision of keeping the feminine feel I was looking for with a bit of a WOW factor.

I can honestly say I am thrilled with the results.

How I feel now……

Empowered. I have found my light. No more waiting long hours in a hair salon; next to gossiping women, miserable in their own light.

Everyone that has supported me thus far, in my random endeavors. Thank You, and for those that have just joined along for the journey welcome!!

Every week I will be posting new content; everyone different from the last. I want this space to not only be our space. But our safe space. So let me know in the comments section if you have done anything life changing for yourself in the past few weeks. Started a new routine, a new diet, a wardrobe change, even by putting yourself out in the world.

No matter what your change is; finding that inspiration is step one. Then take that leap of faith. I promise you will not regret it.

I have yet too.

I love you guys so much! Thanks for reading. I will see you next Week!!