She’s Back!!

Hey Everyone!! Welcome back!!

It’s your girl Dottie. I am here to just to remind you that my first video is live! Well not my first ever video. No. Might as well be!

I have taken a lot of time for myself; evaluating the content that I want to create. I needed to find my passion with creativity again; but that will be for a later video.

However, I would so appreciate it if you guys would at least go and subscribe and like the video. I want to be open with you guys and really let down my walls. I want us to be a close knit family. This space is to remain positive and safe; for all to come and enjoy the content.

So without too much waffle. I hope you would love to follow me through my journey with blogging, and vlogging. We are dabbling in it all. Feedback is appreciated and welcomed.

Again, thank you for being apart of my journey every step of the way. You have been the truest supporters.

Thank you for believing in me and letting my creativity speak.

Lots of Love