My First Week of College: Again

Across the United States, students of all ages are headed back to school again; exams, the gossip, late night cram sessions (riddled with adderall and weed).

The upside to such a horrendous tradition; us youth partake in. The accompaniment of sweet rewards. An extra night out on the weekend, maybe even a extra ounce when you head to the dispensary. Whatever the reward. Senior Year is here. 

Your first week of college is going to be an eye opening one. College is the time where you “think” figuring yourself out is the answer to all answers. Three hookups, one midterm, and four missed classes later. You tend to realize that “figuring yourself out” is a lifelong adventure.

Your first day of school is great but the first day of SENIOR YEAR as a COLLEGE student. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY (& ladies)!! It hits different. I promise.

Parties, Sports games, Bar crawls, roommate wars, and non stop adventure.

Senior year awaits.

Are you 2020 ready?

-Dottie. XOXO 

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