#Quarantine What Every Instagram User is posting to stay “relevant” during social distancing.

Have you noticed the new trend that is happening all over Instagram? #Quarantine is still in full use and on display. The latest trend involves posting unflattering pictures of yourself; wild.

Before social distancing, Instagram was the place to flaunt your most flattering picture creating the hype for the trend ” Until Tomorrow” challenge.

The game involves people posting their most unattractive, embarrassing, and silly pictures to Instagram. A perfect way for you to humanize yourself to your mass of followers. However, as the game implies the picture is supposed to only be up for 24 hours.

Before you press delete! You are supposed to direct message everyone who liked your post encouraging them to complete the challenge themselves.

So what do you say? Will you start the challenge and keep the ball rolling?

Stay on Trend,

XOXO Dottie.