Quarantine Weekend 🌦

Hello my Dotties! How are you staying creative this quarantine? Have any of your activities been challenging for you?

“Alone by herself she built the kingdom that she wanted.”

R . H . S I N

During my time in quarantine I’ve noticed that my kitchen has become my new lab. Creating, tasting, seasoning; treating my palate to an array of developed flavors.

Which has become so soothing! My work is pretty demanding. To counter act the overwhelming demands of work. I’m quick to look through different recipes. Breaking up the work week with a fine meal 🥘; has become my go to.


I’ve started with snacking. To increase my metabolism; since working out has become a bit limited in my city.

Shoutout to @sweeetlike_honey to coming and stay with me 🎊

I’ve been introducing healthier options to my snacking options such as Ginger Pear Jam by the Wimpy Vegetarian. One of my favorite additions. Their recipe has been a life saver for my trays. The sweet tang of the Jam. UGH did I mention its Vegetarian! I paired it with Kerry Golds’ Sharp Cheddar. “The Holy Grail of Cheddar Cheese”; they aren’t lying. It is definitely a classic pairing for Ladies Nights. If you wanted to take it a step further; add melted chocolate for a sweet delight.

Let’s whip up…..


In Connecticut (CT) the weather has been nothing but moody. It was the afternoon, of peaceful showers. I listened to the sound of droplets dancing against the window. A battle lost by the water droplets attacking the window; unknowingly creating a beautiful harmony.

Whilst listening, I reminisce through my favorite rainy day meals. Hot soup, pjs, movies and a sturdy sandwich. So we took to recreating. My sister made a turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwich; with a few strips of bacon. Dressed with mayo and stone ground mustard drizzled with honey #NewYorktaughtme. My sister brought New York delis’ to my kitchen. The smell of toasted rolls and layered meat was heaven.

Who’s your top? #Mustard #Ketchup #Mayo #Honey

Comfort food at its finest.

We paired the sturdy sandwich with the classic Dairy free and Vegan Tomato Basil Soup by the Virtual Vegan.

Her recipe was super simple to follow since it was our first time making it vegan. The recipe was step by step with a great recipe for garlic bread; which we are giving a go this coming week.

Now it was movie time. Soup and sandwich in toe; it was time for Schitts’ Creek! I am loving Alexis and David. I recently had to recommend the series to my sister. Now I am watching it for the second time!

Once lunch was complete; I started in on my homework. I had a few Zoom class sessions that I had to attend. Lately, while in quarantine I have had a super decline in my motivation. So I’ve been using this Pomdoro Study Session. I stumbled across this recently and it has helped me to be super productive.

It makes it feel like I have a work buddy; that’s suffering along with me during my late night work sessions. A glass of wine often helps.

After a few hours of homework, completed zoom calls, and rewarded scrolling through all my socials. Its time to create the masterpiece. DINNER.


We made a night of it, a cozy dinner, a chilled bottle of Flip Flop Moscato. For those that love sweet wines. Give them a try and be sure to tag me @dottie.m on instagram!

Normally we do not reach for takeout over preparing dinner. However,We wanted to go for takeout to support our local restaurants. We decided on a small mom and pop burger spot. They have been around for awhile and they seemed to really be lacking on the buisness. We noticed they were doing pickup only.

Well since our Uber Eats Delivery driver was a bit swamped. We decided to pick up the burgers instead of waiting. It was nice to get out and see everyone hustling about. For once I could forget that social distancing is a thing, and that the future is still uneasy.

This small order of burger and fries is helping to make the non normal more normal. Remember to support your local buisness if you can; every little bit helps keep the doors open a bit longer.

Since this is my new normal; I am excited to see what will happen next Quarantine weekend. Come back every Monday to see what happened over the weekend. Be sure to show us what you have been making during your days of social distancing.

Bye guys, take care, stay safe

Love ya.

XOXO Dottie.