Lavender Adventures of One

Today, I took the day for me. Not for the likes, or the backhanded comments; littered on social media.


I adventured for me. Only Me.

I decided to dust off the lavender dress; I had yet to wear.

Grabbed my tripod, a home brewed coffee and a stellar playlist.

Excitement readied me. Today, I would conquer a fear.

Photos in public; create many tears. Today, I knew it would be the mark of my year. –>

Lavender Fields created the wheels of inspiration

—> I started in the rose garden. During peak hours. I was met with some stares, and glares of awe. I even had a little one pose with me. To her I was a mystical princess, that had lost her way to the castle. Little did she know, the brave face that met her with a smile, would radiate even more; from our small encounter.

As the princess; I was determined to be. I took my time; wandering the roses. Finding the perfect angles, to create an image that I was proud of. I stumbled upon many beautiful things.

A greenhouse, that simply embodied my need for cottage living. For every little creature to be welcomed in my garden. In the distance of the greenhouse, I found the roses. Orange, red, tints of yellow hues that nature would only have the power to create.

The rose garden is known for their abundance of greenery and radiant florals. There are many types of flowers to fit all interests. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

Do you have a favorite flower? (Comment Below)

Seeing every flower, as bright as they were. Made me realize being unique is the way to be. If everything was the same, there would be nothing creative about this world. Our uniqueness is what makes life worth living.

There was this quote that I wanted to leave you with:

“Don’t Bend Yourself to Fit Inside A Mold- Live For You. Enjoy You.”

— Dottie XOXO

Try not to convince yourself that you need to bend yourself to fit inside a mold- because HONEY, there is No mold. There is no concrete way of doing things. As a creator, an innovator; you were meant to create in a way that only you can. That is what you have to remember.

You set all the rules. NO ONE ELSE. BE the Princess of your fairytale.

I cannot wait to hear about your adventures!! Especially during this time of social distancing. Remember, you are not alone. Everyone needs a minor spark time and again.

I hope to see you again soon!! Don’t be a stranger! Lots of Love.


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*I found my spark again. I know you will too!

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