Spring Playlist of 2021

Spring is Nature’s way of saying LET’S Party!!

– Robin Williams

Let’s do just that PARTY!!

I am over being in the house around the same monotonous music that is topping the charts. Do not get me wrong. I love a great Saweetie hit or even a throwback Juiceworld song. But what about our underground artists.

While being a creator is all fun and games. It is a tireless fight to find worthy songs that can be added into your arsenal of go to hits that won’t flag on YOUTUBE.

Yeah no one wants a flag. We want dirty martinis baby!

I have added my go to favorites from a few different genres of creators will add a bit of spice to your content.

Ive sorted all of the categories by specifics.

We have your

  1. Trending Now
  2. Personal Favorites *
  3. Heavy Vibe (H)
  4. Calmer Tone (CT)
  5. Up Beat Tempo (U&U).

Bump this during the barbecue, the salon visit or even smoking in your friends basement. Regardless, relax with a drink and a snack. Cause baby it’s Spring time. Now we have one hell of a playlist.

Trending Now

  • Mr. Jello– A Cup of Jazz ( Feat. Cali.Arod, Farnell Newton) (CT)
  • Mr. JelloSunny Days (U&U)
  • VirgoZilla Beatz– Lovely Day (CT)
  • Public Library Commute– Moonlight (CT); (U&U)*
  • Mark Generous- Warm Sands (CT)
  • Mia Giovin– Sirens * (CT)
  • Farid – Say It * (U&U)

Speak to the Soul

  • Donald XL Robertson – Some Time Off (CT)
  • Cael Dadian – I’ll Trade You (CT), *
  • Ari Chi – Next Fall (CT), {Lyrical Soul} *
  • Love Val– Lay me down Slowly
  • Erica Johnson – More Love (U&U) {Lyrical}

Coachella Acid Trip

  • Metacell Music – Lost Together (U&U) * {Summer Vibes}
  • Dylan Rockoff – Magic {Lyrical} * (U&U)
  • James Patricio -Live Rounds (U&U)

Rolling Loud ONLY

  • LO PACINO – Nastyyy * (U&U) {Lyrical}
  • Safe TRVLS – Hold Me Down {Lyrical} (CT)

Aestic Creature

  • Todd Carey – Ain’t Just You (With Emma Oliver) (U&U) {Lyrical} *
  • Dylan Rockoff– Crooked Records (Feat Sela Bruce) (U&U) {Lyrical} *
  • Penelope Q– Easy Way Out (Feat Adam Turley) (U&U) * {Lyrical}
  • Davis Mallory– Ain’t Afraid (Feat. Luma) {Lyrical} (U&U)

What are your go to songs that are from underrated artists? Share them with others so we can support each other.

Same time next post?

XOXO Dottie