5 Plants To Grow For Starter Gardeners 🌱

@Dottie.M Displaying her new additions to her garden. Seen on @Instagram.
©@Dottie.M Displaying new additions to the garden. Seen first on @Instagram.


Finding a way to connect to nature has become a passion of mine. Tending to a growing garden has improved my connection to nature with a deeper sense of selflessness. The creation of your own home garden; explores a new side to you. A nurturing side.

Picture a home garden just steps from your door. You have vegetable, herbs, fruit, flowers, and so much more. You can easily become overwhelmed with the endless options of plant varieties. Although, starting small with the easiest plants possible will put you on the path of success.

The novelty of gardening is the life long journey lol of adapting as old and new strategies to your changing environment. During the course of your journey you will build a new found confidence in the variety of plants in your care, based on your grow region.

Gardening will become frustrating when just starting out, you may even loose a few plants. However, it is part of the process.

First let’s start small.

5 Plants To Grow For Beginnery Gardeners :©Dottie.m

These 10 plants are among the easiest to grow for first time Gardeners, with the flexibility to grow in almost every region; in any amount of space. Before you get too excited; each of these plants are among the easiest to maintain but they all have their own unique needs to thrive. As long as you read the instructions throughly; you too will have a home garden thriving in no time.

1. Basil

Basil is a classic staple in many Italian dishes. Adding so many versatilities to the herb portion of our starter garden. If given the right conditions, the amount of production is exceptional.

  • Can grow in All Zones
  • Full Sun Exposure
  • Frequent Watering Schedule
  • Pruning: The basil plant should have a few sets of leaves at the very top of the stem; once a week pick a few off for a harvest all summer long.

2. Leafy Greens

Image: © Dottie.m

Leafy greens bring a few different needs; but still super easy to grow. Leafy Greens fair cooler climates with partial shade which would be great for states like CT, NJ, places with not the best exposure to natural light.

  • Can grow in All Zones
  • Partial Sun exposure
  • Keep slightly misted
  • Pruning. can be done by picking the larger leaves , so the inner leaves can keep reproducing. Replanting the larger full grown leafs, give more way for a longer producing season.

*Photo: Chickpea Green Super Salad is located in Recipes!

3. Mint

Mint will grow with determination. It is a fun and highly fragrant plant. It is quite invasive so it highly recommend to keep this plant in a container and trim frequent new growth.

  • Can grow in zones 3-11
  • Partial Sun exposure
  • Keep evenly misted
  • Pruning should be new leaves that are at the top. A simply pick with fingers is all you need.

4. Tomatoes

Image: © Dottie.m

Tomatoes hold a love hate relationship among many gardeners. This season, my tomatoes have thrived. It was my first season growing tomatoes and I can confidently say, this might be my best batch ever.

*I went to my local plant nursery; to find a great tomato plant. However, the seedlings I was searching for; have become full grown this late in the season. After stocking up on eggplants, tomatoes, and chili peppers. I grabbed fertilizer for the vegetable plants, and the indoor house plants. A few stakes had made it home with me as well to help hold the trunks of the tomato plant.

If you have not spent a few hours in a garden nursery. You will as soon as you start planning your home garden.

5. Rosemary

Another great choice of herb, where the benefit is beyond worth it. Rosemary was discovered in the Mediterranean regions. However, it does fairly well in all regions.

During the colder climates, it is best to move your potted plant indoors since it is not their ideal growing temperature. It performs well as a center piece as well in its potted glory. Also benefits us our gardeners due to the help of bees; helping to pollinate the rest of the garden.

In the meantime…….

More recipes with the herbs from your starter garden can be found in the recipe tab.

Let me tell you they are beyond delicious with the freshest ingredients.

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