Blogmas Day One

I am writing this post on a real impulse. I am too excited to hold in the news because it is finally here!

I decided I am doing Blogmas this year!

For the slim number of you who do not know (I mean slim), Blogmas is a 24 day blogging challenge leading up to Christmas. That means every day you can check back here for a brand new blog post!

This year would be my first year participating in Blogmas.

I am giddy with excitement.

However, I am still in school for a few more weeks; so some days will be combined. Even though my schedule is a bit hectic this time of year, I really want to give this a try.

As for the upcoming content that will be featured this month, you can expect to see a variety of posts, ranging from holiday fashion to favorite winter recipes. I’ll also continue to post non-holiday content. So this will be a mash up of sorts, so you will have a variety too sort through.

Any who, I am beyond excited to get started and I hope you enjoy everything that I post this month.

See you tomorrow!

How about you Is Blogmas in the plans this month?

Dottie XO


  1. I’m also giving this Blogmas thingy a try!!! It’s going to be so hard at this time of the year being so busy but I think it’s going to be fun. Really enjoying reading everyone else’s posts already 😊 xxx


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