Become a Beauty & Lifestyle Brand: The Essentials

Frequent visits to Sephora, Ulta for the latest beauty products. Consistently, staying updated from familiar Beauty Influencers.

The”labels”, “Beauty Guru, Beauty Blogger, Beauty Influencer”, are for an influencer on YouTube that revolves their content around cosmetics, and beauty related content.

As a “Beauty Influencer”; you can create a name for yourself in the Virtual Beauty Space. There comes a lot of negative baggage that can come from other gurus and or from your audience. That should be frequently sifted through; only appropriate and positive commentary should be read!

Breaking into the community might feel as though you have accomplished the un-accomplishable; although you will need a few tools in your kit before you start making the headway you so crave.

The love of makeup; results in you staying up late after your shift just to create THE LOOK.

Items You Should Already Have:

  1. DSLR Camera: I started with the Canon PowerShot. I chose to stick with my factory lens rather than initially invest for a better one, even though ideal; but not mandatory at this stage. Be sure to check out this great tutorial for learning the fundamentals of your new camera; the right way.

> You will benefit from a camera with a rotating screen. That way it is easier to see yourself while you record.

*BEWARE: With the luxury of a screen, try to only make eye contact with your lens.

{Vlog Camera}: Including another element to your viewers helps for relatability and fluidity. Let others see you in a more relaxed atmosphere, during your day to day activities. Including second hand items such as camcorders.

What people love is the relatability. What will make your channel succeed is relatability. 

2. Tripods: NOT MANDATORY (but recommended). During filming; be as hands free as possible. Tripods have so many uses. Consistency in perspectives through your lens will remain equal when using a tripod. Saving yourself time, even creating inspiration into new shots.

However, any stand that is safe, and level is counted as efficient.

With the essentials down; time for the heavier items.

3. Confidence.

Such a simple word; whilst speaking volumes. Sitting in front of a camera; is one of the most awkward feelings you will have.

When filming; try to imagine the camera as one of you. Yes, YOU reading this blog post at the most random time in your schedule; since you have a few minutes.

Talking to the camera as you would your best friend; makes for the most authentic content.

4. Consistency

This is the game changer, between a few followers and consistent long term followers. You know the ones who will support you no matter the content you put out. However, consistency has three sub-categories:

a. Profile:

Your profile, is an extension of your brand. You want someone to instantly recognize; either a logo or a slogan that is unique to your brand. Color scheme, lettering, and navigation among your links to your different socials; or websites should also replicate your brands profile. Distinct lettering and color schemes will help a ton. For instance, every day of the week my brands story is assigned a different color and it changes by the season!!


Your brand is a mood. You want that mood to replicated among all of your social platforms. If you are a lifestyle brand, gravitating towards happier colors. Brightening up your content will make interacting with your brands posts a lot more fun and memorable.


When a brand clicks on your profile, what is the vibe that will set the tone for your future conversations? Best foot forward. Your story creates opportunity for influence, through words, voice, all content. All content will be digested; contributing positive interactions, are always the goal. By chance, negativity appears, acknowledge and portray a positive lesson. Best foot forward, wins the war.

5. Schedule

Time is your friend; when dealt the right hand. Organization in the content industry is underrated. Your schedule for personal time, friends and family as well as a healthy working life. Consists of strategic planning and discipline. Whether you are part time or full time content creating, working through a schedule , deadlines and etc; gradually helps prepare for later brand deals with fixed timelines.

Now that your starter kit has begun to take shape. You’ll be ready for the next few steps.

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